Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Those evil papists

I'm busy arguing with the godless over at Cap'n Ranty's, a sport I sometimes enjoy, partly I guess because I like being contrary and also because they seem to have just as much irrationality as any God-fearing soul.

This recent flare-up is over the Pope's comments on the child abuse scandal, which I would say have been willfully twisted to claim he has excused and justified such crimes, which he has not. What you could say is that he has sought to spread the blame wider than the Church, onto society as a whole and the amoral, decadent zeitgeist which pervades the culture, and this seems a little clumsy, in the circumstances.

Anyway, to further enrage the Dawkinites, here's a lovely hymn from the Choir of St. John's Catholic Chapel at the University of Illinois - 'Lord of All Hopefulness':


Captain Ranty said...

In my original post I was going to use the old saw: two wrongs don't make a right. There didn't seem to be much mileage in blaming others whilst doing almost nothing to clean up his own house.

My point was that he (the pope) is in a position of some power and could have done/can do much much more to rid his church of this perversion. I don't think he has tried hard enough. Not by a long chalk.

The debate that my off-colour post has provided is interesting. From both sides.

Thanks for the link, BTW.


Trooper Thompson said...


leaving aside all the baggage of the Church through the centuries, organised religion, God etc, has the Pope done all he can on the child abuse scandal? It's a fair question. I think that whatever the case, the secret is blown, and the ability of child abusers to act without discovery has largely gone.

My personal view, which may be bollocks, is that within the Catholic Church there is and has been for a long time a struggle between two different factions, I speculate one of them aligned with a kind of freemasonic luciferianism, and one embodying the true Church. If you think this fanciful, you could be right, but is following some kind of mystery cult any more strange than Christianity, objectively speaking? Who knows what dark secrets lie buried in the Vatican?

In this scenario, there is only so much Benedict can do. Is he the big boss, or some kind of Chinese figurehead emperor?

NewsboyCap said...

If I read the good books,if I gain an understanding,if I receive the message,if I love my fellow humans,do I need the church/mosque/temple ?

Trooper Thompson said...


I would say fear of God is more important than church attendance.

NewsboyCap said...

thank you this was the point I was trying to make (unsuccessfully)at the Captains place.
By the way I do enjoy your Blog.

Trooper Thompson said...

Thank you too. You're always welcome!