Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Pregnant women: do not take the flu shot!

The 'health' authorities will try to force their dirty needles into you. They will tell you that there's no evidence that it will harm your baby. And that's right... because they refuse to accept the evidence.

Remember; they don't own your body. Do not allow them to bully you or pressurise you to take their filthy vaccine. Also remember, if you miscarry they will choose not to believe that it is linked to the vaccine, even if it happens within hours of the vaccination.

Instead of listening to that doctor with his targets and bonus payments, read some of these experiences.


marksany said...

An alternative view. More miscarriages will happen because of lack of vaccination than because of it.

The anti-vax scare stories are irresponsible.

Trooper Thompson said...

Vaccine side-effects are massively under-reported. For some reason, doctors don't like recording iatrogenic harm.

The body's immune system is the best defence, not big-pharma quackery.

You believe what you want. According to the WHO and the pharma corps, we all died last year anyway.

And the old 'it's irresponsible' line doesn't work too well with me. Think red rag - bull.

Longrider said...

I wouldn't automatically rule out vaccination - it depends on the disease and the vaccine. Smallpox, for example was a good one. Flu, however, I wouldn't bother with. I would have resisted vigorously any enforced vaccination as was being mooted last year in the swine flu scare in part because the vaccine had not been through the rigorous clinical trials one would expect and in part because for a normally healthy person, the likelihood of death was remote. In general, for a disease like flu that mutates from year to year and does not automatically kill, I'd avoid vaccination and let the body do its own thing.

Trooper Thompson said...


I have a very great suspicion of vaccinations, which was heightened by the so-called pandemic last year. You may recall an investigation by a committee of the Council of Europe alleging collusion between the pharma corps and the WHO, but this seems to have slipped down the memory hole. Many doctors are against vaccination, and believe that they are responsible for the rise in a number of conditions linked to immune system malfunction. Whether that is the case or not, I am extremely hostile to the idea that the government can force me to take vaccinations. This happens in many places, and was the case with smallpox in the 19th century, when many people were killed by the vaccination. Here is a quote from that time:

I am not a medical person, and I pay attention to some sources which others would label conspiracy theory bullshit. But whatever, I don't trust these vaccinations. I don't believe the makers are capable of vouching for their safety, especially in the longer term. Improvements in hygiene and nutrition have been far more important in health advances than 'magic bullet' medicine.