Thursday, 30 December 2010

The vile scum at the heart of Brussels

The subject of child abuse has been raised lately with regard to the Catholic Church (and specifically the Pope's recent comments), and, browsing the web via this post from BJ, I come to an article by Mary Ellen Synon, reminding me of a particularly vile series of crimes in the land of Belgium. She writes:

But let me give you another example of how ’seriously’ the euro-elite take the protection of children. You may remember the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium. It could be called the most horrific example of child rape and murder in Europe since the war.

Known as the beast of Belgium, Dutroux is now serving a life sentence for a series of child kidnappings, rapes and murders in 1995-96. He kept some of his victims locked in a dungeon he had built in his basement. Two eight-year-old girls starved to death there after Dutroux was arrested and served a short prison sentence for car theft: his wife didn’t bother to open the dungeon door to feed the girls.

Part of the great mystery and scandal that accompanied the case was the relentless incompetence of the authorities, at that time led by the Justice Minister, Melchior Wathelet. For years, as victims were kidnapped and murdered, police files were full of reports and tip-offs that Dutroux was selling young girls. Yet Dutroux stayed free. In the end Mr Wathelet was forced to resign in disgrace. And his reward for incompetence in the administration of Justice was - to be appointed a judge at the European Court of Justice.

Such people have now been handed the sovereignty of our country. Indeed Melchior Wathelet could be the archetypal Brussels mandarin. A cursory search of the internet reveal allegations that he was far worse than incompetent. Here's one rabbit-hole to start with...

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