Thursday, 30 December 2010

My fair and balance EU poll

Seeing as the notorious Fabian Society are denying any inherent bias in their wording of a poll on attitudes towards the hated Brussels machine, I thought I'd see if I could be slightly more objective in framing the key question (see below). It might need a tweak, but I think it's pretty neutral. Still, I suppose everyone's subjective:

Regarding membership of the European Union, should this nation:
Remain sovereign and independent under our Common Law?
Disappear into the EU, presided over by a gang of crooks, perverts and control freaks? free polls

Update: 31/12/10: Yet again, the public have given their verdict. Only 3% are in favour of surrendering to the Brussels Federasty (interestingly, 3% corresponds to the percentage of the public who are either crooks, perverts or control freaks) and an overwhelming 97% prefer freedom under the Common Law. The People have spoken!


Captain Ranty said...

I thought the questions were framed beautifully.

Fair and balanced-tick.


Trooper Thompson said...

Well, there you have it: 100% of those who expressed an opinion said the questions 'were framed beautifully'.