Thursday, 30 December 2010

Petition stuff

I'm sure the Tories' announcement of a petition thing is a gimmick and no more. However, if it goes ahead, we might as well use it, if only to show up those frauds and free-loaders in Westminster.

If so, what would be good petition demands to make? It is wise to use a little planning, in order to co-ordinate action.

First up; the festering sore that is our continuing membership of the hated Brussels Federasty. My preference is to leave straight away, but I guess forcing a referendum is slightly more likely. Thus:

We demand a binding in/out referendum on Britain's continuing membership of the EU.

What next? Isn't that enough? My God, it would be momentous, and it's probably better to train our fire on one spot, especially one so exposed as this. There are plenty of jokey petitions I'd be willing to sign. There's bound to be one on the death penalty, which I won't, based on the belief that the state can't be trusted with such power, and they'd execute the ones I'd rather let off, and let off the ones I'd rather execute, besides the fact that it's not at all likely to achieve anything. The same could be said of the demand for a referendum on our continuing membership of the hated Brussels Federasty, but it's a worthy fight, and something to unite behind. On top of this, it is something that will have some support within Parliament. It is up to us to force this on to the political agenda and keep it there.

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Bill said...

So when is this 'petionmajig' supposed to be up and running?