Monday, 27 December 2010

Labour's toxic PFI legacy

Via a certain (rightfully) Angry Man I note this Express article on the disaster that is Labour's PFI legacy. Nothing reveals the incompetence of Labour's misrule better than PFI, a means by which Labour could boast about investment in schools, hospitals and other 'public sector' projects, whilst hiding the massive debts they were incurring.

PFI is the nexus where meet in disastrous combination Labour's utter lack of understanding with regard to economics, their grubby short-term, self-serving, self-aggrandising urges, their pitiful naivety in money matters, and the corporate interests ready to exploit such doltishness. Thus, all around the country, 'public sector' bodies, such as local councils find themselves financially fucked, and yet tied into contracts for decades to come which will suck dry whatever liquidity they can muster.

Tragically, the public's memory is short. Soon Gordon Brown will be no more than an ogre with which to scare naughty children into behaving. More terrifying still is the notion that Labour could ever get back into national government.


Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely livid about this, TT.

PFIs were a John Major invention but it became a lethal weapon in the hands of the last set of goons.

Still, as long as the 'left' has its collective head up its collective arse everything's OK.

I despise the lot of 'em.

Trooper Thompson said...

The problem with the 'left' is they never understand what the game is. They have a fixed response which is 'the tories are worse'. If the tories had set up all the PFIs then there'd be a chance they may grasp the problem, but as it's their own side who fucked everything up, they can't understand.

Anonymous said...

PFI = Pure Fucking Idiocy