Monday, 27 December 2010

The tranquillity of solitude

As 2010 trips, stumbles and tumbles into oblivion, it seems destined to take a few more bloggers down with it. I will name no names. In the past I would have said that where one falls another will spring up to take its place, but who knows? Blogging is one medium among many. I expect it will evolve or die. Actually die is too strong a word. No doubt it will continue. The question is whether the spirit that has animated it will remain?

That spirit is one of freedom, of breaking down barriers, much like the punk era in music (a little before my time). The lessons from punk for bloggers, I would say, are as follows: Do it yourself. Don't follow, be your own leader. Don't wait to be patted on the head. Set your own standards. Make your own rules. Break them when necessary. But realise that this is only for a brief moment: the revolutionary moment. As soon as it has come it is past. When everyone's dressed like Johnny Rotten, it's over.


James Higham said...

I think many of them will be back. There'll be much to be angry about in 2011.

Trooper Thompson said...

You could be right, and there will certainly be plenty to be angry about in the new year. Still, I think blogging needs to evolve somewhat, to keep the spirit alive.