Sunday, 16 January 2011

Her Majesty's Opposition

It's good to see a little press attention to the infiltration of activist groups by police and intelligence services. It's clearly the case that such people are playing the role of agents provocateurs, and anyone getting involved with politics needs to be aware that if someone within your group or circle is calling for radical action, it could easily be a secret policeman.

The extent to which the paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland were riddled with agents is something the state would rather keep veiled. There are accusations that the Omagh bombing was allowed to go ahead, to protect an agent. The state always acts for the 'greater good', and the 'greater good' is always that which serves to protect and augment the state's illegitimate power.

As a member of a minor party (the Libertarian Party) it is something I keep in mind.


Leg-iron said...

The Omagh bombing - would they have let it happen?

Well, Churchill could have evacuated Coventry before the Luftwaffe bombed it into dust, but that would have let the Germans know he had the Enigma machine. So yes, they certainly would.

I still think Churchill was wrong there. What's the point of intercepting enemy plans if you're just going to let it happen anyway?

Trooper Thompson said...

I didn't know that about Coventry, and agree with you point. The problem with Churchill is that he loved war.