Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My first post chez Orphans

As noted below, I am contributing to a new multi-author blog, Orphans of Liberty, and my first post is now visible, entitled; 'Fighting the Brussels Squid and its crooked corporate control-freakery'.

A radical departure? Perhaps not.

Orphans of Liberty

A joint venture by various voices with varied views, here united under one banner – the defence of liberty.

Whatever label, be it libertarian, conservative, liberal or none of the above; whether we base our claims on Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights, the Natural Law according to Aquinas, Grotius, Locke and the rest, or take a rationalist utilitarian view on what works and what assuredly does not, the battle must be joined against our political foes, including:

the EU state and those in our own government who support and further its agenda;

the seemingly-inexorable aggrandisement of state interference in our private lives, so much so that almost nothing is left private at all;

the noxious fumes of these viscious but lumbering brutes, as their control-freak minions, the massed clip-board sadists at their command, fan out across our economy and society, an evil root takes hold, thrusting up vile invasive vegetation, proliferating legislation, where no rules or few were thought needed, now these are legion. Examples abound, and nary a mention of this gathering storm of oppression from our guardian gate-keepers in the mainstream media.

Here, then, is our defiance. Read, engage, enjoy!

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