Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Worse than a chocolate teapot

The police sure are tough, when confronting a law-abiding, terminally ill victim of crime. Pity they do fuck all about the criminals who aggressed against her property and threatened her, but they were 'travellers', and for the politically-minded bobbies, it's racist to apply the law to them, hence in their frustrated desire to do something, they raid the victim and steal her shotguns, and, in the modern style, they do it at 3.15 in the morning.

Elsewhere in Daily Mail Land, the brave bobbies leap into action to arrest a pub singer for offending a Chinese passer-by with a rendition of 'Kung Fu Fighting'. On this occasion we learn; "‘The law is the law and it was their duty [to act]", but not in the case of theft, criminal damage and threatening to cut someone's throat.


Alison said...


Alison said...

oh and this

He is so right. Hitchens generation are to blame for everything. Had a screaming match with my mum the other day when she made some quip about immigrants and East London - it is after all her generations fault that this was all allowed to pass without any protest and us who pick up the pieces. Fuck anyone over 50 who points out how much society is failing. It is their fault after all

Anonymous said...

It is quite right that the police confiscated the farmers gun. We wouldn't want the poor knackers hurting themselves before they had the chance to do anything say like stealing

Ya filthy dirty knacker...get away from my hub caps

Trooper Thompson said...


good to hear from you. Thank you for reminding me that the police are not all diversity-championing numpties, though I fear with each passing day the good ones leave. That second link is an interesting read.


the seizure of her gun is an outrage against justice, calculated to leave a vulnerable woman undefended.

James Higham said...

Rendition of kung-fu fighting. Love it.