Monday, 2 May 2011

Mystery man steps forward to claim Lord Lucan capture reward

A mysterious and as yet unnamed man is claiming to have finally solved the years' old riddle of Lord Lucan's disappearance with Scotland Yard snapping at his heels and a bloody murder in his wake.

Mr X described the moment he came face to face with the lunatic Lord.
"I had taken my boat out into the Solent for a spot of fishing, and there, halfway out to the Isle of Wight he emerged from underneath a tarpaulin on the deck. I recognised him immediately. I demanded his surrender and, as he lunged at me, with a look of pure evil in his eyes, I knocked him over the side with an oar. The authorities haven't found the body yet, but I can guarantee you it's out there somewhere, if the fish don't eat it or the currents carry it off."
No official comment from the police has been forthcoming, but unofficial sources expressed scepticism. "This guy's known as a bit of a bullshitter," said one.


Tippex Monkey said...

Very inspired. Very done!

Matthew Steeples said...

This doesn't seem quite so far fetched in view of the latest theory to have emerged. What's your view about the story about Arnold Schwarzenegger being involved in the Lucan case? Here's my take:

Trooper Thompson said...


I could only speculate.

(I hope you aren't overlooking the context of this post, which was the story of the Bin Laden raid).