Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Credit where credit's due

In an earlier post, I attacked EU Commissar Janusz Lewandowski for something else, but now I see he's shovelling sand in the EU gearbox, so well done Janusz!

The move comes as EU environmental policy was undermined by one of the most important figures in the European commission, causing alarm in Brussels. Janusz Lewandowski, the commissioner in charge of fraught negotiations on the future of the EU's €130bn budget, cast doubt on the science of climate change and the future of emissions policy.

In an interview with a Polish newspaper he said: "We already have overambitious agreements on CO2 emission reduction. There is a notion that the thesis that coal energy is the main cause of global warming is highly questionable. Moreover, more and more often there is a question mark put over the whole [issue of] global warming as such."

It's a strange article. It seems there is some resistance to the overall plan of shutting down Europe's remaining industry and moving it elsewhere, under the cover of saving us from global warming. Are the drowsy politicians waking up?

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