Wednesday, 22 June 2011

You what?

Now that our tireless researchers have worked out that some of us English have Anglo-Saxon blood, I have a new job for them: to work out just what planet Constable Dale Chadwick of Greater Manchester Police comes from. Here's the quote:
‘This will hopefully bring closure for his many victims who have been left extremely distressed by what he has put them through. The police and the council will work tirelessly to make the streets safer and hopefully this will make the community safer.’
This in reference to the sentencing of a teenage career criminal, who's been handed an ASBO saying he can't hang around on one particular stretch of road, where he did a number of crimes. The toerag in question is a 15-year-old Roma, in court with his father and their interpreter, because on top of not understanding the Commandment 'Thou shalt not steal', they don't understand English, although that hasn't stopped the father pocketing £460 a week in benefits.

But the blame can only be dumped on this vile family up to a point. The lion's share goes to our political establishment, who refuse to deport the lot of them back where they came. The only ASBO worth applying is one that bans them all not just Stockholm Road but every inch of land this side of the English Channel.


James Higham said...

The question is what to do with these wastes of space. Avoid them?

Trooper Thompson said...

The criminals in this case can fuck off back to Romania. The scum in power we have to deal with ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Haha Bless him (Dale Chadwick) he means really well. What would you have him say otherwise??