Friday, 3 June 2011

The Daily Moss

There's nothing and no one the Daily Mail likes better than Kate Moss or, to be precise, slagging off Kate Moss, wagging that hypocritical finger and sneering at every wrinkle its paparazzi can snap. Today's article is a choice example, cataloguing the model from teenager to now, in order to show how all that hard-living has taken its toll. Since half the photos were taken as she was leaving various parties or at the airport after a long flight, it's hardly surprising if some of them show her worse for wear. Even so, she usually looks okay, and the final line about how she's almost unrecognisable is ridiculous. A series of photos of anyone over this same period of their life will show - shock! horror! - the signs of aging. So what?

Kate may well have spent the last twenty years living it up. I don't see why I should begrudge her that, and I am sure that working in a factory or an office for twenty years is worse for your youthful looks than the life of a super-model, cocaine-fuelled partying being no doubt compensated by lounging around at £5 grand-a-night resorts.

I've always had a soft spot for Kate. For one reason because she's a South London girl. For another, she's never seemed to give a flying fuck what the Daily Mail says, and quite right too.


Smoking Hot said...

Love the comment about putting Kates photo along side Deborah Arnotts photo and see who poeople prefer.

Kates ok with me, lives her life the way she wants. The recent pics of her smoking on the catwalk were classic!

James Higham said...

Mail has its purposes though.

Trooper Thompson said...


bird-cage liner?

SH, where was that comment?

Smoking Hot said...


"Put a picture of Kate Moss along side Deborah Arnott of ASH and let readers decide who they prefer.

- chas, uk, 3/6/2011 12:50

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Trooper Thompson said...


Trooper Thompson said...


in case you missed this ...