Thursday, 30 June 2011

Stony Stratford commemorative ashtray

Commemorate the new low in puritanical lunacy achieved by Stony Stratford councillor Paul Bartlett with this fetching souvenir. Don't drop those saliva-soaked cigarette butts in the street, grind them into Bartlett's ugly mug.

On other pages, new research from Action on Smoking and Health reveals the Black Death which wiped out one third of Europe was caused by smokers, according to a survey of the cunts in their office.

UPDATE: Learn the measure of the man by googling "Standards Board for England Case No. 13644.05"


Anonymous said...

Fuck the ashtray, how about using this worthless sack of shit as a "human ashtray", open wide you cunt...

Mark Wadsworth said...

I like it! Did you cut and paste that one?

Trooper Thompson said...


I cannot condone such actions.


I did indeed.