Friday, 3 June 2011

Tom Woods on nullification

I haven't watched all of this yet, but hey, it's Tom Woods, it's gonna be great. Here's Tom talking about it.


bob k. mando said...

this is pretty good. thanks for the link.

Single acts of tyranny said...

I'm quite a fan of this fellow after reading some excellent books and seeing some of his stuff on youtube. Some of the more successful states might eventually try to nullify if things get really bad. They wouldn't be allowed to because you don't let your prime tax slaves escape. Then the fun would start.

will said...

it took me two sittings but was more than worth it. Woods promotes the message with vigour but without sounding aggressive. his remarks concerning the hobbesian fears we hear from the statist faithful were amazing. ive heard those exact same arguments before from various other speakers/writers but they have never sounded more self evident and noone has made the fears of poisonous sandwiches, exploding tvs and kids down mines sound more obviously ridiculous.
more importantly his appeal to the left is something that needs to become far more prevalent amongst anyone promoting liberty. i just watched Roderick T Long speak at a mises event on Rothbard's "how to reach the left" and he carried a similar message to woods.
the history of the political spectrum is so warped by ignorance and so tribally inert that perhaps we should ignore it.
left and right are a distraction from the reality of sociopathic coercion. as woods said what human individual in their right mind would support every single policy of either the statist left or right without exception?
Woods is damn good at what he does. he shows there is a style of reaching people apart from dry academic lectures and aggressive vitriol.
thanks for posting

Trooper Thompson said...

I'm glad you all liked it. I think it's the best speech I've seen Tom give, full of passion and the love of truth.


I've seen that Roderick Long speech and it's certainly, I think, key to getting the libertarian message across that people who consider themselves leftwing or liberal by its modern definition are reached out to and disabused of their misconceptions, and can be made to see what the real arguments are, regarding free trade, individual liberty etc.