Friday, 3 June 2011

Who is Janusz Lewandowski?

No idea, huh? Me neither, until I read this article in the Telegraph - £3 billion a year in 'stealth taxes' to be levied on Britain. Apparently he's a commissar in the Brussels Federastic Cabal, AKA the hated EU.

Janusz Lewandowski (above), the European budget commissioner, wants tax raising powers to shift EU funding from national government transfers to EU-wide taxation on energy, travel or banking.

"I have as an objective a future budget being fed two thirds, 66 per cent by member state contributions, and own resources, one third, or 33 per cent," he told The Daily Telegraph.

"We want to make it less politicised."

Less politicised? What does he mean? Well, he wants to take the issue out of the hands of politicians because, even though the current crop are corrupt and servile wretches, they are still in theory subject to pressure from the pitchfork-wielding peasants (that's us, folks). Therefore, to make it less politicised is to elevate it out of the realm where democratically-accountable politicians can have a say. Continuing, we come to this:

"I think EU member states would kiss our feet if we could cut their contributions and costs to national budgets at the same time," said a European source.
It's kind of hard to put into words my reaction to this. It seems to sum up so much of how the Brussels Federasty see the infernal project. They sit at the top. Our elected politicians fawn upon them, kissing their feet, and somewhere far, far away the enslaved masses toil under a hot sun to provide the fruits for their table.

Everyone happy with that?

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Anonymous said...

No taxation without representation - except to these immoral thugs.

I sometimes wonder why those who have just escaped one tyranny are so willing to foist another on us.

Still, bring it on - the plebs'll wake up then.