Friday, 3 June 2011

Calling all federasts

Unlikely I know, but are there any pro-EU people out there who would like to justify this:
"The study also showed the continued lack of transparency in how the commission spends its money. More than €42m of transfers to "natural persons" – individuals, whose names the commission keeps private – were found between 2007 and 2009, though these had fallen from €27m in 2008 to just over €1m in 2009.

However, a further €381m was spent on "confidential" activities, which the commission refuses to disclose for security reasons. The degree of confidential spending in 2009 was more than double its 2007 level, at €221m."

From the Guardian story - 'Exposed: EU chief's private jet, plush hotel and cocktail bill', which reports on the Bureau of Investigative Journalism's efforts to shed light on the monstrous swill troughing by the Brussels commissars.

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