Sunday, 31 July 2011

Can somebody please tell Cameron what party he's supposed to lead

Tories, eh. What's the matter with them? Their only virtue is they're not socialists, but they are so tragically dull-witted, that they are often led by socialists without even noticing. What would it take to make them pay a fucking tention to what their party is, compared to what it is supposed to be?

How about this one? David Cameron is rushing to the defence of Julia Gillard's loony carbon tax that the Australian Labor Party is foisting on the resentful nation, after promising she would not do so at the time of the election. The Telegraph reports:
His letter, congratulating the leader of the Australian Labour Party, said it was a “bold step”.

“Climate change is one of the most pressing threats we face and we need to take urgent action to reduce emissions and put economics on a more sustainable low carbon footing,” he wrote.
That's right, Tory fools. Your comrade leader is weighing in to the domestic political scene of Australia to support the most unpopular, controversial policy its deluded socialist government is attempting. Does that give any of you pause for reflection?


Smoking Hot said...

Words fail me about Camerloon.

Anonymous said...

Try 'Knob End'

Anonymous said...

Setting aside the loons who just can't think, I honestly reckon most of the politicos know the reality of the whole global warming deal, but can't say so for two reasons.

1. They have spent years going on about it and imposing taxes, so now to say "er sorry about all the lectures and pointless tax money" would be impossible, and
2. It's still really useful. Like the religous types in the sixteenth century who didn't really believe in witchcraft but found it useful for keping the populace alarmed, AGW can be blamed for everything and used as a justification for anything.

It is therefore vital that no mainstream politician breaks ranks, otherwise the dam collapses. Thus Cameron backing socialists.

There really is so little between the main parties today, voting for them is irrelevant.

Mike Spilligan said...

Cameron is a complete and utter fool on this issue, and certainly shouldn't get involved in another nation's politics on it.
I think he's got poor advisors (the BBC?) and doesn't understand the facts. What will it take for his MPs to start telling him that he's the Emperor with no clothes?