Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Cavalier Concession

A Cavalier Manifesto


Common Sense - Our Anchor


The Righteous And Reasonable Reaction To Nonsense Is Resistence

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Rouse yourselves, my good English men and women, for the puritan bastards are back in power, still in power, at it again, and sneakily so, like a pickpocket they’ve stolen our liberties and rewritten the rules, and now they get to decide everything for themselves and the rest of us.

And that’s the law they say. Pah. That’s the law they wrote. They know nothing, for the Law isn’t written, it’s discovered, if by law we truly mean justice. Law precedes, only a means. Justice the desired end, surely?

Or what else in its absence? Is merely the form sufficient? The semblance? The performance of certain rites and rituals, resembling courts, councils and debating chambers, deciding and disseminating rules, diktats, where, what, when you can drink, smoke, walk your dog?

The signs are everywhere, the shadow of the puritans blots the land. Power has vanished upwards. Laws proliferate but justice slips and slips again. Regulations govern the most minute of matters. Grand schemes of national pomp come and pass, tax money squandered, debts still rising; rules a smothering blanket over past autonomy, we are managed, herded, governed by shrill voices full of vain fears telling us where to go where to stop, purposely united in passivity.

Bound to our seats, our governors enact tragedies before us – wars, economic disasters, blundering corruptions, cold-blooded killings. Appearances and disappearances. The way it is is the way it has to be, rock ‘n’ roll, fate and destiny. Sit still, do nothing until you are told otherwise.

But who are these miserable specimens of fools, who masquerade before us, conspiring to pass themselves off as our legitimate rulers and betters? And where, friends, has the other England been hiding these last hundred years or so, to let such fools beguile us for more than a moment?

Dear friends, there have always been two Englands; one merry, one morose, and while the merry sought their peace, the morose schemed and scraped their way to lofty positions. We, the good people must set aside the short-term, and sacrifice for the long-term, remove these puritans, send them packing for some other place where they can tyrannise over each other to their hearts’ desire, but not over us!


Dick Puddlecote said...

I like that. :)

wv: splat

Trooper Thompson said...

Thank you. I'm not sure how much of a private joke it is.