Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lib Dem government:: Huhne of the Khmer Vert; Kable the Keynesian

Chris Huhne, the government's energy mascot, is something of a sore loser it seems, as he has launched an inquiry into MEPs who voted down his favoured Pol Pot style, Return to Nature plan to destroy what's left of our industry with a crippling tax on harmless gas carbon dioxide.

Roger Helmer, Tory MEP commented:
"I'm happy for Huhne to investigate whatever the hell he likes. I just wish he'd spend more time investigating the huge economic damage that his green policies will do."
"The prime minister is in no position to 'bring Conservative MEPs into line'. I vote in what I conceive to be the best interests of my country and my constituents: the party whip comes a poor third."
Elsewhere Vince Cable, another from the Mouse that Roared Party, decides to join sides with Barry O in his dramatic struggle with Congress on the debt ceiling. Cable, who laughably has attempted to portray himself as some kind of economic guru, on the basis that a copy of 'The Wealth of Nations' once sat on his bookshelf or some other grounds of similar magnitude, calls the resisters 'rightwing nutters'.

That's fine, Vinny, say what you like. We understand that you wish to draw attention away from the Euro project, that you've slavishly worshipped for your entire political career, and its present woes. It makes sense for you to point the finger at 'rightwing nutters' in America, to bolster your image amongst the down-in-the-mouth social democrats in your party.

It's certainly reassuring to hear Cable speak, as this means at least we know he's not somewhere else, such as near the levers of power. A further quote exposes more of Kable's Keynesiastabatory illogicKal Klusterfuck:
"There is a genuine problem with demand, consumer demand. Again, it is not surprising there have been big shocks, world commodity prices going up has had a big effect on confidence here," he said, adding that quantitative easing (QE) would be the right approach if demand remained suppressed.
Translation: If people won't buy shit because they're skint, we'll print loads of money. Fucking genius.

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