Saturday, 2 July 2011

Donald Tusk: joining the dots

The Polish PM has criticised a lack of federastic ardour amongst the liliputian leaders of Western Europe. As reported in the Guardian:
In a dig at David Cameron, Tusk also lamented the months of trench warfare looming over how to divvy up the next medium-term EU budget, describing the contest as one between those who want the budget to be "one of the main tools for European integration" and those who want "to give as little as possible to Europe".
Earlier in the article we learn:
He leads the only country in Europe not thrust into recession by the financial crisis, the fastest-growing economy in the EU, and where the EU enjoys high popularity ratings of more than 80%, not least because of the €10bn (£9bn) pouring in every year from Brussels, making Poland the biggest beneficiary of EU largesse.
So, Donald Tusk is chiding other countries' leaders for wanting to give as little as possible, when in fact his country is giving nothing at all and taking the most.

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