Sunday, 24 July 2011

Establishment will use Norway terrorism to demonise all opposition

The Guardian sets out the stall very well:

"Norway attacks: we can no longer ignore the far right threat".

What follows is the predictable attempt to identify all those who oppose the establishment consensus, whether on the EU, the banker bail-outs, immigration or global green taxes, as in some way inplicated in the shootings and bombing in Norway. Yeah, and Hitler was a vegetarian, right?

No doubt the establishment will use it to justify grabbing more guns from citizens, even though it is clear that the one and only thing capable of stopping such a killer in his tracks is an armed citizenry.

As with all terror attacks, especially since the exposure of Operation Gladio, we must look very carefully at these events for evidence of puppet strings. We must also consider cui bono? Whether or not this is one crazed guy on a self-appointed mission, it will produce a 'strategy of tension' dividend, as the people turn to the ever-more unpopular establishment to protect them from such 'extremists' as the Norwegian Progress Party, labeled in the Guardian as 'far right'.

We can all play the blame game as I do below, by selectively quoting the supposed words of the suspected killer, generalising outwards from this one man and waving the bloody rags like Mark Anthony at Caesar's funeral.


Anonymous said...

"the one and only thing capable of stopping such a killer in his tracks is an armed citizenry"

Exactly right. How many of these guts attack NRA conferences? Zero.

Why? because they would get about two before being blasted. This guy knew the sheep would be defenceless.

tomsmith said...

Just refuse to identify yourself as "right wing". It is after all a term of abuse taken by mainstream collectivists to mean racist, nationalist, collectivist (a currently unpopular type of collectivism). If you let your oppenent name you then you are finished.

Anonymous said...

tomsmith ~ fair point. the concept of linear politics is out of date now anyway. And to have a leftie brand anyone as a collectivist is really ironic!