Sunday, 24 July 2011

Norway's Progress Party

As the Guardian is busy denigrating the second largest party in Norway as a hot-bed of homocidal crazies. I thought I'd see what I could discover about the Progress Party. On this showing, I'd say the Guardian is lying.

According to the text on YouTube for the above (posted May 2011):

"At the recent National Convention for the Progress Party, MP Christian Tybring Gjedde, who`s also leader of the Party`s branch in Oslo, warned against the consequenses of a failed immigration and integration policy in Norway. In this interview MP Tybring- Gjedde explains how the Left has failed, and why it`s natural for classical liberals and conservatives to stand up for freedom values and for an open debate. He warns of the unfortunate if the new brand of nationalistic or patriotic parties is taking over the debate, as one has seen in Sweden with the nationalist Swedish Democrats."

Further, here is Siv Jensen, the leader of the Progress Party speaking to Reason TV in August 2010, with the accompanying text underneath:

"In a country of exceptionally high rates of personal taxation and home to one of the world's most generous welfare states, Norway's Progress Party, which describes itself as a "classical liberal" organization committed to "personal freedom," is something of an anomaly. But it is an increasingly powerful anomaly, now ranking as the country's second biggest political party.

In August, Progress Party leader Siv Jensen sat down with Reason senior editor Michael C. Moynihan and explained that Norwegians are growing tired of "regulation, bureaucracy, and high taxes" and why the Scandinavian health care model is bad for America—and Scandinavia."

See another interview with Siv Jensen here.


Paul said...

The Progress Party are the party I'd vote for if I lived in Norway. Does that make me a homicidal mass murderer?

Bear in mind that the Progress Party is explicitly warning against the rise of, erm, less than liberal protest parties like the BNP, FPÖ and so on.

Trooper Thompson said...

"Does that make me a homicidal mass murderer?"

I guess that depends who you ask, Paul.

Anonymous said...

There's only one form of 'progress' - and that's the Guardian's form.

It must really rankle, a party not to their liking, using one of their favourite Newspeak terms as a title.

Anonymous said...

There is a issue in Norway that the progress party are the second biggest party in Norway but are always excluded from government talks because of their "Views". And by doing so the political elite are not respecting the concerns of a huge amount of Norwegian voters which will cause a lot of anger so is what happened on Friday a result of the government failure to listen to voter issues because their own personal opinion

James Higham said...

Norwegians are growing tired of "regulation, bureaucracy, and high taxes"

Largesse at the taxpayers' expense costs big because it is so inefficiently administered and corrupt.