Sunday, 31 July 2011

Why is there a campaign for the death penalty going on?

Is it to build some kind of extra-parliamentary pressure group?

Is it because it is an attack on the Establishment, especially the wet-as-water Tory division?

Is it because a couple of bloggers were bored one night?

Is it due to the inherent attack on the foreign institutions which would attempt to block it, and would thus be necessarily swept aside, for such a change in the law?

Is it due to a strongly-held belief that it is necessary, coupled with a belief that it is possible to bring it back?

Is it a sipher for the general, justifiable anger at what has become of our so-called criminal justice system?

Is it a tactical deployment of the democracy card?

Is it to give the rightwing Tories something to fiddle with, rather than actually using their position for something useful?

Lord Ashcroft of Belize only knows.

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