Sunday, 31 July 2011

The World Turned Upside Down: courtesy of The Observer editorial

There's nothing that the Establishment Left's intellectual whores like more than lynching, metaphorically at least, an American Christian Conservative. It is not a particularly onerous task, as there's usually a good measure of stupidity and malevolence draping itself in that particular banner.

Nevertheless, in its editorial entitled "US economy: The Tea Party is a real threat to America", The Observer shows why it should go straight from the printing press to the budgie cage without anyone wasting their time actually reading it.

What we get from the Establishment Left's intellectual whores in this particular article is a trenchant defence of state power against the will of the people. As the title suggests, those who wish to stop expanding the gargantuan national debt are the threat. The fact that these people were elected with a clear mandate to do this is irrelevant to the Observer. The people exist to serve the state, not the other way around. To the Observer, government is the great benefactor and government spending the solution to everything, the more the better. Keynesianism rides again (a Pale Rider if ever there was one).

There's no reason to stop at $14.3 trillion, or stop at all, and if it all goes wrong, blame it on those impudent Tribunes of the People who tried to restrain the Neronic madness of Washington.


Anonymous said...

I just don't undertsand people who believe that the State is the great benefactor. If that is the case, why don't they go the whole hog and usher in a communist regime?


Trooper Thompson said...

Then they'd have no one to blame but themselves, and might have to do some work themselves, rather than growing fat on the produce of others.