Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Lesson: sheep get slaughtered

The big state / passive citizen model has got to go.

It has been exposed for all to see in the streets of London. The idea that you should be good little sheep and the state would be the sheepdog.

Don't worry about the wolves, they say, we'll protect you.

Only they can't protect us, or they won't. What they can do and what they have done is try to prevent us having the ability to defend ourselves and our property. Oh sure, you still have the right to defend yourself, but your means of doing it have been removed to the greatest extent that they can manage. Not only that, the weaker and more passive the sheep become, the greater the risk that the sheepdogs will turn wolf, and then what do you do?

As Single Acts commented on a post below:
"The tragic disarming of law abiding people has left them defenceless in the face of criminals. The fact that the police are clearly overwhelmed and not able to answer and respond to 999 calls in a timely manner surely shows our absolute right to self-protection. How many stores would be burned down if the shopkeepers were on the roofs with guns? Zero. "
I noted the reports of self-defence groups in Dalston and it was genuinely the only good news out of yesterday. Many people are now calling for martial law, curfews and troops on the streets. That ain't gonna happen, but the state and its PR department (AKA the government) are certainly going to swing their 'robust response' into place, whilst everyone keeps their fingers crossed that the looters have glutted themselves on adrenalin, and want to stay in tonight playing with their new Wii consoles. However the real and lasting lesson must be learned: you can be passive and trusting like a sheep if you choose, and just so long as a wolf doesn't come along everything will seem fine. But if that wolf does come, it's too late to wait for the sheepdog.



andy said...

What really boils my piss is that when ethnic minority groups stood up to the rioters they were lauded as heroes,when white folk did the same they were cursed as bigoted racists looking for trouble.

Trooper Thompson said...

I don't think that's the case. It's true such things were said about the people in Eltham, but I don't think the ethnic minority groups were lauded as heroes by the establishment. I certainly applauded all those who defended themselves and their manors.