Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Libya and the EU

We all know there is one thing that the EU ideologues crave more than anything: the recognition of the vile entity as a state in its own right. That was the thrust of the Constitution and the other symbols of flag and 'national' anthem. When the Constitution was thrown out by the voters of France and the Netherlands, the ideologues took one step back, realising they'd gone a little too far, had shown in effect too much honesty and openness, and went back to their usual modus operandi of deceit and camouflage. Thus they re-packaged the Constitution as the Lisbon Treaty, which enabled the lying cocksuckers of the British government to pretend it was something else entirely. The people were not of course fooled, and statements from politicians around the EU directly contradicted the British government cocksucker version.

Thus the project to set up the EU as a nation continues apace, and looking at the EU's role in the current war on Libya we can see a definite change compared to earlier wars such as the war on Iraq. Indeed it could be said that the war on Libya is the first EU war, notwithstanding Germany's reluctance to participate in the military action. As I noted at the time, the beginning of the Nato attack on Libya coincided with a planned Anglo-French airforce exercise called Operation Southern Mistral, which was based on a scenario of attacking Libya in all but name. Taking that to be a mere coincidence for the time being, the exercise was intended to push forward plans to merge British and French troops into an EU strikeforce. I don't see how this can be gainsaid, only the extent of the planned merger can be disputed.

The developments in the military re-organisation mirror developments in almost every other area, such as the plan to issue bonds and to solidify central economic control over member states. None of these matters are intended for public discussion. The EU ideologues are well aware that they can command no democratic mandate, thus they rush to put in place their tyranny before organised opposition can appear. With regard to Libya, perhaps the enemies of national sovereignty think they have the Achilles' heal of conservative opposition to the EU state, as they can play this war as a Nato action, which most conservatives will probably blindly approve of, and sneak the EU aspect in through the back door.

"War is the health of the state" as Randolf Bourne noted. I expect the EU conspirators know this well, and would like nothing more than to bolster the weak and sickly EU project with a militaristic transfusion. Indeed, if sanctions are a form of war, which some would class them as, the EU is already flexing its military muscles. For their plans to succeed, they need to forge some kind of illusionary, ersatz patriotism to the EU, so expect to see the symbols of Brussels in prominent places, if this war comes to a 'successful' conclusion.

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