Monday, 29 August 2011

A strange bed fellow

I shall put aside my standard hostility to socialism, as Tony Benn is correct on at least one thing: the EU is rotten. He makes some interesting points, and he smokes a pipe (good man). The clip could do without Farage chiming in at the end.

The second part is here.


Anonymous said...

Benn is so damned reasonable - it's hard not to like him.

He has been consistently against the evil empire and his "capitalist club" description has shaped my thinking on this corrupt club.

My only gripe was his enthusiasm, in his diaries, for his son joining the Blair regime - he, Tony Benn, was totally against the Iraq war.

But, I wish him well.

James Higham said...

Nigel Farage seems to have lost a lot of kudos.

Trooper Thompson said...


as you will know from the blog, I'm as against socialism as Benn is against capitalism, but no doubt we are both against the kind of crony monopoly corporatism which prevails. We will disagree on solutions and definitions however. One of his saving graces is his support for democracy and his opposition to war. I agree about his son, but I guess he's just proud to see his son prosper.


UKIP seem to be stuck in a rut, as the Nigel Farage fan club. They aren't broadening their base as far as I can see.

ReefKnot said...

For the first time ever, I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with Wedgie Benn. I just hope that the failing Euro will sooner or later ( preferably sooner ) bring the whole lot crashing down and we can be our own masters again. Mind you, if the current lot of politicians are anything to go by, I'm not sure that would be an improvement.

Trooper Thompson said...


he has been consistent in opposing a lot of anti-liberty measures, such as ID cards, draconian anti-terrorist legislation and the like, so credit where credit's due.
It's just a shame he's a socialist!