Monday, 29 August 2011

Helmer: no goat like a Judas goat

My post below of the Tony Benn interview on the EU came about tangentially from reading and commenting chez Autonomous Mind who, over a troika of posts, has been engaged in a dispute with Tory MEP Roger Helmer.

Although I do prefer political types like Helmer who are at least prepared to argue with the commoners, he should not be surprised to meet with the hostility and cynicism which he has done in the comment section, because this is what he deserves. If he wishes to wear the blue rosette, then he will be treated as a representative of the party above all others which has betrayed this country to the EU.

My views of Tory 'euroscepticism' are made clear here, here and here. I find it a contemptible political stand-point which is essentially indivisible from the willing Euro-lapdogs, and in some ways worse. Whereas the EU supporters' message to their side is 'come on, everyone, the EU is great!', the 'eurosceptic' message aims at shutting up vocal opposition to Britain's membership of the EU, and trusting for our redemption to a furtive band of brothers within Tory party ranks, who are, we are led to believe, about to spring into action.

We are being led off into bondage. Helmer and his ilk are telling us: "Don't resist, now is not the moment, wait for the signal". But with every prevarication, our captivity is more assured. The gates of the prison camp loom ever nearer. We, who love our country and desire to rescue its sovereignty, must sadly conclude that the 'eurosceptics', whether wittingly or unwittingly, through folly, cowardice or malice, are no more than Judas goats.

I hope to be proven wrong, and one of my motives in attacking them is to sting their conscience, but make no mistake: they deserve our vilification.

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