Thursday, 20 October 2011

The BBC's black-out of Ron Paul's campaign: part 94

Listening to Radio 4 news this morning, I noted a story on the unfolding tragedy of Mexico's drug war. It ended with the hack journo mentioning that the Mexican President had even hinted at legalising drugs as a solution, but it was unlikely to be a topic of debate in the next Mexican presidential elections, let alone in the the US presidential elections.

Of course, it already has been raised. Ron Paul has long made his position clear that drugs should be legalised and has made the argument forcefully. But the BBC will never mention his name. They don't want to confuse the British public by discussing a Republican who stands for peace, free trade, liberty and an end to US imperialism.

Fortunately the BBC no longer has such a grip on information. Gatekeeper it remains, but the wall is breached.


James Higham said...

Absolutely determined, aren't they, the buggers? Truth will eventually out.

Trooper Thompson said...

Truth IS out!