Thursday, 20 October 2011

Referendum vote betrayed before it even began

I see over at DK the wording of the vote at the Westminster branch of the Brussels Post-Democratic Society:
"This house calls upon the government to introduce a bill in the next session of parliament to provide for the holding of a national referendum on whether the united kingdom:
  1. should remain a member of the European Union on the current terms;

  2. leave the european union; or

  3. re-negotiate the terms of its membership in order to create a new relationship based on trade and co-operation.
They couldn't even table the vote without betraying it with the spoiler third option, to keep all the little 'Eurosceptics' within the fold.


As for the Tory MPs being whipped to vote in favour of 'ever closer union', I'm happy to lend a hand. I'll even bring the whip.

Be warned, Tory boys: if you don't vote B on Monday, you're names will be mud forever. Make your choice.


cisbio said...

What ho, dear chap!

This EU referendum stuff is interesting, eh?

Don't hold your hopes to high, though. Tory skeptics might not rush to vote A; there's no guarantee that they would win a referendum at this time. Once the results come in, that's it - their bolt will have been shot.

Remember, big business is pro-Europe and big business runs this country. This is why so many previously skeptic politicians suddenly get all euro-cuddly as soon they enter high office.

And remember, big business has formidable propaganda assets and far more cash than the skeptics. With OPs finely balanced fifty/fifty, there's a real chance the skeptics would loose.

Trooper Thompson said...

Greetings Cisbio,

good to hear from you.

Remember that big business makes money on the up and on the down.

I merely wish to see how Parliament votes. I am testing my theory that you can fit the decent MPs in two London cabs.

In a parallel universe, the Lib Dem Party recalls its many promises and votes in favour. Labour, panicking, sense a political advantage and jump on board and the few good Tories who are left finally do something patriotic, after faking it for fifty years.

cisbio said...

on the up and on the down.

Some businesses are like that, but not all.

I'm on a limb here, coz my part-time career as a blue chip non-executive director has stalled lately and I'm not privy to as much boardroom shenanigans as I would have liked. Nevertheless, I'll hazard that are many powerful lobbies out itching to have a quiet word in Cameron's shell-like re Europe.

Not least the arms lobby, the retail sector, most service industries, leisure, transport, engineering and manufacturing in general etc.

Two sectors I can think of that might not give a toss: the bastard City (truly, they'll love to stuff Frankfurt, I'm guessing), chemicals (too much enviro regulation) and biotech (Right now, I'm sure they'd love Europe to just fuck right off)
OK that's three sectors.

Two sectors about which I have no idea are the media and energy. They're more your 'up and down' types, too.

That agriculture is staunchly EU is a given -but not terribly powerful in public affair, I'd say.

As for the Lib-Dems -don't hold your breath. promises mean nothing. Look at Labour: age-old skeptics until they sniffed power in '96. rant rave

bollixed said...

Parliament does not represent us, the peasants. Therein lies the truth.

We know where this will end up. Lies, bullshit, excuses, pro-EUSSR propaganda, civil servants looking to their future lucrative careers in Brussels, politicians taking voting orders from their future employers, and the rest of us feeling further betrayed and marginalised as irrelevant.

I urge all readers to google Cromwell's speech of the dissolution of the long parliament. Stirring stuff and just a relevant today.