Sunday, 30 October 2011

Nick Clegg: Little Caesar

It's long been noted that the Liberal Democratic Party is a grating misnomer, as it is neither liberal nor democratic, and nothing illustrates this more than its current gauleiter, Nick Clegg.

Writing in the Observer, Nick Clegg reveals the underlying anti-liberal, anti-democratic foundation of his worldview.

Firstly, he believes that the economy must be managed by central planning, especially European central planning. It is unthinkable to him that the economy does not need the guiding hands of kleptocratic meddlers of the statist kind. The 'plan for growth' which the politicos are struggling to find, is simple: stop stealing so much money from us. If the state was not plundering the economy, it would grow, but the economy is like a horse which has been bled almost dry. No wonder it can hardly pull the plough.

Secondly, he writes always in the first person plural, but who is this "we"? It is the government. It is not the people. He knows the people do not support the government's agenda. When he writes: " We will not give up the influence that benefits the British people," he neglects to tag on the truth, which would run: "despite the fact that these same British people are set against our policy regarding the EU, and don't believe such benefits exist at all, and that I am a lying piece of trash with no credibility."

Clegg, as mouthpiece of the Establishment, likes to present his position as 'moderate', against two 'extremes'. This is pure rhetoric. If about half the nation wants to leave the EU, then it is hardly extreme.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Edward G Robinson die poor and alone at the end of the movie? (of the same name as your post)

Trooper Thompson said...


you could be right, I can't remember. Movies of that era always ended with a moral lesson.

Woodsy42 said...

I think it's a royal 'we'.

Trooper Thompson said...

More like a collectivist 'we'.