Monday, 31 October 2011

Nick Clegg: Truth Inverted

Interviewed on BBC Radio 4 this morning, Nick Clegg, Deputy Traitor, was explaining all about his pet 'fund for growth', a fat wedge of our money, stolen by the state, which he's doling out to businesses, as a means to wean them off the government teat. How handing them tax-payers' money will encourage them to be less dependent on tax-payers' money is not immediately clear. I guess I need to wave a Keynesian wand and utter the magical words "economic fallacy" and it will be thus.

He also chose to trot out a series of ludicrous statements on why this country needs to remain enslaved by Brussels. Apparently it's a form of isolation when you have a functioning democracy in a sovereign state and all the rest of the EU would immediately launch a trade war if we left. He didn't say this last part outright, but it is the constant implication. X million jobs depend on trade with the EU, which would immediately be in jeopardy if we had our independence back.

This is not a weak argument. It is an absurdity masquerading as a weak argument, and it needs to be shot on sight, whenever it pokes its head above the parapet. The pro-Brussels traitors have nothing to justify our enslavement but fear of a big bad world, once we stop allowing Manuel Barroso, Herman van Rompuy and (God help us) Cathy Ashton run our government and return to democracy.

Bring it on.


James Higham said...

They love these funds for this, funds for that, decided by themselves. The whole lot are much use as a hernia.

Trooper Thompson said...

Personal power. They love it.