Saturday, 12 November 2011

Jesse for President - Ron Paul for Vice

I've worked it out - the above combination is the solution. Jesse can get fighting, and Ron Paul can slip in as Vice at any time. Jesse's strong suit is not the economy, but he's smart enough to know who to listen to and who to put in charge, and that is Dr Paul.

Given the huge importance of grabbing hold of the American military machine that any sane President would see demands to be done, who would you rather put in charge; Jesse or Ron? It's got to be Jesse, given his background.

With Jesse nominally in charge, able to do the whole global schmooze, while the Doctor runs the back-office, the team would be perfect.

For Jesse, think Jackson; Andrew Jackson. This last gentleman wasn't a perfect theoretician of liberty, but he felt it in his gut. Fortunately he was surrounded by others who were also sound but with the theoretical knowledge to back it up. Jackson favoured sound money, because it was simple horse sense. The Jacksonians did so, because they had grasped the rudiments of monetary wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Jesse " the brain" Ventura

Anonymous said...

I think Jesse would be a great president with or without Ron Paul. I think Ron Paul would be a great president too but it ain't going to happen. We are going to get another four years of Obama or Republican clone of Obama

Trooper Thompson said...

He doesn't need a brain if he's got Dr Ron.

Bandit 1 said...

Nah, it was Bobby "the brain" Heenan. Jesse was "the body" Ventura.

Gorilla Monsoon didn't have a nickname.

Anonymous said...

Poor Heenan brown bread

Xerographica said...

If you had to choose between Ventura and Paul being elected OR allowing taxpayers to directly allocate their taxes (pragmatarianism) which would you choose?