Sunday, 13 November 2011

More twaddle from Barroso

Manuel Barroso, Duke of Brussels, casts some pearls of wisdom before us swine, writing in the Observer. To save you all the trouble of reading it yourselves, I've done it for you and can report there is nothing of note worthy of relaying.

It's the same old cracked record about how 'Europe' must advance together or face catastrophe. According to Barroso and all the rest of the nest of leeches, there is only one choice: allow Brussels to finish destroying democracy and independence or return to 1930s Europe. Inherent in this false choice is the threat that Barroso and gang would rather see Europe destroyed than lose their grip from its throat.

There is also another hint at the Brussels agenda in the title of the piece, which talks about 'the speed of the European Union'. No matter how far we've already gone, the journey continues to its ultimate destination - the nations of Europe dissolved into a centralised, imperial state. As Barroso and fellow centralisers struggle to consolidate control over the Eurozone countries, they realise that a risk exists that this nation, for one, may wriggle free. Not that the chance is great at the present moment, due to the entrenched treason at the heart of the Tory and Lib Dem parties. But with the electorate largely pro-independence, there is always hope. When the brush is dry, any spark will do, and it's not yet clear that both Greece and Italy will bow down in front of their newly-installed bankster bosses.

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James Higham said...

Interesting watching the death throes of the EUSSR.