Monday, 28 November 2011

Osborne's Glorious National Five Year Infrastructure Plan

We all know Cameron, Clegg and the rest of the current Polit Bureau are a long way from free market capitalism, but I thought for a moment I was dreaming when I heard Osborne's latest ruse to 'stimulate' the economy - yes folks, it's time to start digging ditches and filling them in with the National Infrastructure Plan.

Okay, it's more Roosevelt than Lenin (i.e. more fascist model than Soviet model), but still, the fallacy is the same, whether you're taking your collectivism as expresso or with a dollop of frothy Keynesian milk. Putting this together with the government's plan to guarantee loans to small businesses - or rather give more money to the banks under that aegis - it goes to show that Tory governments can get away with leftwing things that Labour governments couldn't, and vice versa with Labour and rightwing policies - in this case the collectivisation of the economy. Still, I shouldn't be too critical of Comrade Osborne - he might have me shot as a running-dog lacky of the exploiter class, and on the positive side he is doing wonders for tractor production, and our chocolate ration has never been bigger, especially since they re-calibrated the weights and measures.


Anonymous said...

" ... especially since they re-calibrated the weights and measures."

Indeed, we now have 30 grammes instead of 3 ounces - ten times as much!


Trooper Thompson said...

30 grammes? Comrade, you can't have heard the good news - it's gone up ... to 20 grammes.

(don't think about it, just thank the Great Helmsman)

Anonymous said...

Half of this nonsense is so they can say, when being interviewed on the Beeb

"We are investing a made-up figure in a game which is actively damaging because it seizes by force money from the productive economy, but at least I can say something and sound relevant"

As opposed to being intellectually honest and saying "We aren't going to do a damn thing because if we have learned anything from the twentieth century it is that government programs to do more or less anything are one giant, counterproductive clusterfuck, which exacerbate rather than address the problem and also dump us further in debt, so really, stop being such a blinkered twat Sophie or stick to doing stories about light entertainment"

Now that would make the Beeb "news" output worth watching again.

Trooper Thompson said...


sadly they didn't learn a goddamned thing worth knowing from the 20th century.