Monday, 28 November 2011

Why not just nationalise everything and be done with it?

There's nothing like a recession to shake out who really believes in capitalism and who is instead a dirty collectivist central planner. A quick glance at the UK government's agenda reveals which side they bat for.

Not that this is in any way revelatory. It's always been the case that the Conservatives are too anally retentive to allow the market to decide anything, and the so-called Liberal Democrats are nothing but a bastard child of the cuckolded liberal tradition, fathered by sly fabianism. As for Labour, only Tony Blair would argue that they're not dyed in the wool enemies of economic liberty - and who would believe a word he says?

Let me pass on to the source of my ire. Firstly, this Graun article:

Government moves to calm carbon capture funding fears,

which links to this Graun article, from a few weeks back:

Government 'receptive' to carbon tax breaks for industry

We all know that the wheels have fallen off the global warming charabanc, but the unconscionably stupid political class are still sitting in the vehicle pretending it's moving forward, rather than spun off the road into an open sewer. What is not clear is what it will take to make the politicians wake up to reality? Are the political class sworn into some kind of Bacchanalian mystery cult? Is our economy to be offered up as a bloody sacrifice to some destructive god from the pagan past?

Perhaps I should leave such speculation, and return to the salient facts. Our government, by playing along with the ridiculous demonisation of carbon dioxide, is marching down Interventionist Boulevard straight towards the chasm of socialism (utopia awaits down below), and on that particular road, there are no turnings.

One intervention leads to another; the old woman swallows the fly; she swallows the spider to catch the fly etc. Instead of business competing in the market, they must compete for favours from the state; tax breaks and special exemptions, protectionist measures and privileges. The government is putting our economy up against the wall, but if you're lucky they might give you a bullet-proof vest - remember to say 'thank you' and puff out your chest.

We cannot afford this government. It's way too high maintenance.

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Single acts of tyranny said...

Even though the science is indeed more or less settled (and debunked) don't expect anyone to say so due to our old friend "vested interests"

Scientists still like funding and it's the magic bullet to extract money and politicos still like to grab moeny and hector people and dictate behaviour, plus there is the slightly awkward statement

"Er, right, you know that thing that I have been wetting the bed over for years now and I told you the science was settled and mocked anyone who doubted and stole billions of your money and spent it on failed electricity schemes? It's a funny thing, turns out, the problem was made-up, yeh, but hey, everyone else thought so too...So okay I may have been dead wrong, diametrically wrong and utterly discredited about a serious issue that has restricted freedom and cost billions, but don't expect any humility from me and stop/start doing the next thing that's made-up in the media and give me your money, no I won't be quitting as it would mean having to get a real job and it wasn't me driving guv"