Saturday, 10 December 2011

Brussels: The Naked Lunch

As William S. Burroughs explained the title of his most famous book:

"Naked lunch; a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork."

We are now in such a frozen moment. Cameron's veto, and what this represents to the German and French governments, and their respective media, reveals the oft-obscured driving force in the 'European Project' - obscured at least in our country, by politicians who do not wish to deal with the fundamental issues at stake.

Considering comment from Le Monde and from Der Spiegel, the line both are taking is this:
The EU is a road towards the promised land of a Europe united under one government.

Britain has shown itself once again to be the reluctant partner.

We must forge ahead, and leave the faint-hearted islanders behind.
Fair enough. Assuming that the rest of Europe wants ever-closer union, that is their business. Good luck to them, just as long as we are not included. That is, however, an assumption. Let us not forget that two of the Eurozone countries are represented by governments installed by banker putch rather than popular election.

What can we (the pro-independence patriots) hope to gain from this current furore? Well, the big prize is out there, but we must keep focused on that prize, and be very wary of being sucked into the sideshow disputes amongst the main political parties and their factions.

The recent referendum debate in Parliament illustrated the danger very clearly. The referendum then proposed would have been utterly hoist by the insertion of the third option, namely 'renegotiation'.

Leave the politicos to their bickering. We must use this precious time for strengthening and clarifying a cast-iron case for independence, and one that is first and foremost rational.


Single acts of tyranny said...

"faint-hearted islanders"

I seem to recall our 'faint hearts' have been more than a match for the jackboot or the first republic

Trooper Thompson said...

Indeed - although we had the Deutschers on our side versus Boney.