Saturday, 10 December 2011

As the smoke clears...

The EU is top of the news for once, and our membership is being openly discussed. The political positions of the various factions of the political establishment are being wheeled out once more, but is the case for independence going to be heard?

Those of us who believe in Britain reclaiming our independence must be clear that most of the 'eurosceptics' do not support us. They call for an unrealistic 'renegotiation', which, at best would give the British PM a 'Chamberlain Moment', i.e., coming back from Brussels with some concessions scribbled on a piece of paper.

The pro-tory grandee line will wish to stress how Cameron stood up for British interests, and that the veto is merely an example of Britain playing its part inside the EU - 'making it work for us'. The main tory 'eurosceptic' position seems to agree with this, but only call for more of the same. The main labour attack seems to be a self-contradicting one, that by saying 'no', Cameron has forfeited his seat at the table - the contradiction being; if he only has a seat at the table, as long as he says 'yes', well then the seat doesn't amount to anything much, does it?

The Downing Street strategists will be looking for echoes not of Chamberlain, but of his replacement in all this, and no doubt the lazy press will provide these in abundance, as 'we stand alone', illustrated with a nice pic of a solitary Dave looking pensive, staring into the middle distance. We must guard against all such fallacious arguments, and keep our sights set on the one and only importance: regaining our independence from Brussels.

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