Monday, 12 December 2011

Clegg, do us all a favour: fuck off

What a joke this coalition is. The best we can hope for is a handful of marginal tory backbenchers, whilst the clowns in government stagger around, tripping over their over-long shoes and landing in custard pies.

And as for Clegg, what a lowly turd. He has nothing but contempt for this country. I'm sure he regrets his parents decision to settle over here. He'd probably be far happier back in the old country, over the water, and off this island, given his 'continental' point of view.

Clegg's comments referring to this country as a 'pygmy nation' shows not only his hatred of us all, but the vainglory of the political parasite class, who crave nothing more than red carpets and bowing flunkies. He wants to be in the front row for the photo shoot. I'd rather put him in the front row of the firing squad shoot. Fuck him, fuck his anti-democratic, anti-liberal party and fuck the coalition. We need none of them.

Alan Partridge illustrates the correct response to Nick Clegg


Anonymous said...

you have to remember that everything govt does it does for a reason there are no mistakes(order out of chaos).

Trooper Thompson said...

Maybe so, but I was talking about the public face of government, petty figures like Clegg and Cameron, not that other, deeper government that plans decades in advance. The former is just the PR department, staffed by expendibles.