Sunday, 11 December 2011

Something that struck me today

N.B. I am using the word 'liberalism' in its original sense, as standing for liberty, property, peace and free trade, not the modern American usage, when I say:

When a leftwinger attacks liberalism, they call it rightwing.

What prompted me to this realisation was the trashy article by state-worshipper Joan Smith. Before asserting that the state has a right to tell you what to eat and drink, she sneers; "Conservative politicians hate the nanny state. So do right-wing columnists".

This has the intention of identifying those who will disagree with her hateful, state-worshipping, boot-licking views as 'rightwing' or conservative. However, it is the liberal position, neither rightwing nor leftwing, which stands utterly opposed to her vile viewpoint.

Liberalism is founded on a principle of individual liberty and self-ownership. She does not want to attack liberalism openly, but rather seeks to paint it as rightwing and thus discredit it to those who are tribally left.


Angry Exile said...

Indeed, and she conveniently ignores the right's unpleasant history of paternalism, David Cameron's love of the 'nudge' philosophy, etc.

Trooper Thompson said...

Well, leftwing or rightwing: judge them by their deeds not their words. Their deeds are much the same. Both ideologies are based on authoritarianism, it seems.

Angry Exile said...

Quite, and their deeds and ideologies are such that, as many have said before, it's not about left vs right so much as liberty vs authoritarianism. A plague on both their houses. And an avalanche or a nice lava flow if it can be managed.