Sunday, 11 December 2011

Joan Smith has filled her head with popcorn ...

... or something similar, because whatever matter occupies her cranial dome, it sure ain't brains.

Alerted by a weary Longrider, I come across her vicious diatribe against liberty, squatting beneath the headline: Filling your face with popcorn is not a human right.

This is as much disguise and distortion she manages to apply to this position: the state owns you body and soul. As such, in the puritanical purgatory she would impose upon us all, the state can tell you what to eat and drink. Naturally, she claims this is for our own good, and that the state wishes to protect us from ourselves. But if the principle of her argument is accepted, and the authority over such matters is ceded to the state, it makes no difference whether the state's decrees are intended to be beneficial or the opposite.

If the state has a right - an ownership right - to tell us to eat our broccoli, it can use the same right to order us to drink whiskey for breakfast and smoke Marlboro reds all day.

Rather than wring my hands at such naked state-worshipping stupidity, I take solace that perhaps Ms Smith has only written this piece to get some attention. Poor dear - it must be a cry for help. Perhaps it's her with the popcorn problem and what she's really trying to say is: "Please wire my trap shut, I can't stop munching".

May her plea be granted.

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Dick Puddlecote said...

What else can one expect from Denis MacShane's squeeze?

Hideous lefty shite from a hideous lefty tail-grasper.