Saturday, 17 December 2011

Clegg, in desperation, calls adversaries 'xenophobes'

Dear Mr Clegg

I wish to take issue with your labeling of those who call for a return to national independence and democratically-accountable government in this country as 'xenophobes'.

It is not at all the case that the desire to reassert our sovereignty is motivated by a fear or hatred of foreigners. Even if such sentiments were to be found, they would not negate the legitimate wish for liberty. I do not believe you would make the same ad hominem argument with regard to the desire of the people of Britain's former colonies to gain their independence from Britain, or of those living in the countries of central and eastern Europe under the dominance of the old Soviet Union to shake off that yoke.

Furthermore, one of the main arguments for leaving the EU is so that we will be open to the world, rather than imprisoned within a trade bloc, which, although comprising a number of different nations, is essentially following a model of economic nationalism.

It is also disingenuous, to say the least, to claim that the desire to have a government that is accountable to the people inhabiting this country, in preference to an unaccountable government with its seat of power in a foreign country, is based on an irrational fear, as is inherent in the term xenophobia.

These principles of democratic accountability are ones which you would claim to believe in, indeed you even have the word 'democratic' in your party's title! Sadly, your actions and the policies you espouse run utterly counter to these principles, and as the autocratic nature of the Brussels state becomes ever-clearer, the contrast between high-flown rhetoric and reality also becomes increasingly evident.

The debate you, and the other politicians and bureaucrats who favour the rule of Brussels, have strenuously tried to suppress, partly through the use of such inflammatory language to demonise your adversaries, is now taking place. If you wish to preserve the Brussels state, you will need better arguments than the ones you have used to date.

Now f*** off.

Yours etc., etc.


Anonymous said...

My word TT, well said - I half expected quotations marks and the name Enoch Powell inscribed beneath.

It's always the language they use which annoys me; as you say, they demonize every body who has an alternative point of view.

Do myself of them, mind you :-)

Trooper Thompson said...

BJ, thanks for the compliment.

as for language, we're in a struggle, in which we must neutralise their attacks and land some of our own.

The ones who get to define the argument have a powerful advantage. The phrasing used in my recent referendum poll was obviously a somewhat exaggerated example!

Anonymous said...

"The ones who get to define the argument have a powerful advantage"

This is very intelligent, to get this is they key to awareness.

DerekP said...

The names of our main political parties remind me of the dictatorships which like to have Democratic or Republic (or both) in the country's name, i.e. massive fibs by the crooks at the top, who are self-deluded enough to think people will believe their words over their actions!

Labour - Do their MPs have experience of any manual work, or the hardships of ordinary working people? If so, it doesn't show up when they briefly raise their heads from the trough to talk.

Conservative - most seem keen on transferring UK sovereignty to the EU, just not as quickly or openly as the other two parties.

Liberal Democrats - Not big on democracy, which is why they lurrve the EU and can't get enough of it. Warning!, a voter should not come between them and the trough, otherwise the voter may be trampled into a racist/xenophobic outcast deserving of a BBC-two-minute-hate.

(To be fair though, they do seem to be very liberal with taxpayers' money, especially for the EU, and EU pet projects such as Man-Made Global Swindling).

Anonymous said...

Well Clegg's a traitor,common knowledge.
Lucky he lives in Britain.
He's just too thick to realise what he's got.