Saturday, 17 December 2011

Nick Clegg: stop deluding yourself, you are no liberal

How dare Nick Clegg claim to have anything to do with the liberal tradition? Indeed, how dare his stinking party even use the word in their title? Why can't they admit what they are?

The closest term, I would say, is Fabian Socialists. Admittedly, they don't call for disabled people to be gassed, as the earlier Fabians did, but everything else the Fabians stand for is embraced by Nick Clegg and his band.

Can anyone think of a policy of state-control that the falsely-named Liberal Democratic Party does not support? Is it not in fact the case that they champion paternalistic welfarism and creepy control-freakery at every turn?

To their credit, the Lib Dems have shown a scattering of sense in recent years, with ID cards and the like, but these echoes of the liberal tradition seem incongruous now. What a shame the few true liberals who remain do not separate themselves and thereby save their souls from political damnation.

(N.B. I am not prepared to surrender the word 'liberal' to the enemies of liberty. Americans may use it as a synonym for socialist - but they shouldn't!)


Anonymous said...

Always treated them as peek a boo fabians.Any one who supports big gov normally turns out to be fabian lefty liberals.That includes alot of the tory party to.

Trooper Thompson said...


I know that I'm struggling against the tide with this, especially with regard to America, but I think it's worth doing, so I will take issue with the term 'fabian lefty liberals'. 'Fabian lefty': fine, but not liberal!