Thursday, 8 December 2011

EU conference: a barrel of red herrings

No doubt this EU conference is very significant, but we must guard against getting caught up in the establishment media version of events. I suggest we innoculate ourselves against the following:

The narrative about Cameron and whether he's a great leader. In a time of adversity, will he stand firm against the massed ranks of Johnny foreigner and the crazies in his own party? Remember, people, this is far more important than his image.

How we're isolated. This will be one for the leftists to play upon, as it allows them to attack Cameron's performance, but the reality is that the British government is festooned with hardcore EU peope, who implement every ridiculous diktat from Brussels to a far greater extent than most other countries. It is merely illusion that Britain is the curmudgeon. The French, for instance, have always held agreements to ransom far more than the servile British.

The focus on internal discord within the Tory Party. Naturally, there is disagreeement, but it is not the case that we (the pro-independence patriots) have one side we can join up to. Most of Cameron's Tory critics cannot be trusted at all.

The opportunity to repatriate powers. Do not be fooled. The renegotiation shuffle is only a means to quieten down the rising pro-independence sentiment. It enables the savvy traitors to proclaim victory, whilst we stay within the confines of the Brussels state.

We must keep our eyes on the real issue - that is our lost independence and the necessity to take it back.


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall being "isolated in europe" in 1940 by a bunch of German bully boys and French collaborating traitors.

Better being alone, isolated and free, than ruled by some Gaulieter like the ones now in charge of Greece and Italy.

Trooper Thompson said...

Agreed, although I think we have to be careful to avoid too much use of comparisons with WWII.

The world is a big place. The EU wants to isolate itself from the outside world.