Friday, 10 February 2012

Cameron: feminist patrician

There's something ridiculous in Cameron's hectoring of the business world for not having enough women in the boardroom, and his limp-wristed threat that if they don't do what he demands 'of their own free will', he'll force it on them by legislation.

From the Ministry of Truth article:
He said he would like to boost numbers "preferably without having quotas" but said he would not rule them out "if we cannot get there by other means".

He told the meeting of eight other European leaders that the "case is overwhelming that companies and countries run better if you have men and women working together at the top".
Well, if it's that overwhelming, surely it will take care of itself? Those businesses which are smart enough to avail themselves of top-level female talent will prove the case, leaving the chauvinists choking in their dust?

Dave shows his contempt for liberty. He thinks it is the job of the government dictate to private enterprise, under the hubristic notion that private enterprise needs this guiding hand. Or else he's just a posh twat on a power wank.


Anonymous said...

So yesterday Mr Potato-head gave us the benefit of his wisdom on Fabio resigning and women in board rooms.

On the £50B QE counterfiet (bringing the total to a third of a trillion, or about £10 grand per actual private sector tax payer) not a fucking peep.


A K Haart said...

I'll go for "posh twat on a power wank" - partly because it made me smile and partly because it's true.

Michael Fowke said...

The man is a socialist. Once you accept that, everything makes sense.

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Trooper Thompson said...

A smile from AK - that makes it all worthwhile!

SAOT, Cameron missed a trick. He should have demanded the FA appoint a woman as the next England manager.

Michael, I would say 'patrician interventionist' more than socialist, which is not quite as far down the road to serfdom, but certainly leads that way. One of our problems is that socialism was really introduced in the nation's government under Winston Churchill, and the tories were never really liberal in the old sense, so it's not surprising they get all confused.