Friday, 10 February 2012

Picking a wound

As regulars will know, I'm not a particularly bellicose type of person, given to waving the flag, but I am getting increasingly pissed off with the Argentinian government bitching and whining about OUR Falkland Islands.

If you take the trouble to read up on the basis of their claim of ownership, to call it laughably piss-poor would be generous. On top of this, their refusal to discuss the matter for more than two minutes before flouncing out of the room throughout the three decades prior to their invasion, made any kind of compromise near impossible, and since the war it is now completely impossible to contemplate handing the islands over. The one thing they will never do is consider the rights of the Falkland Islanders.

So, much as I wholly disapprove of the British military interfering in places like Libya and Syria, if the Argentines have another crack at the Falklands, I'll bloody enlist!

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Single acts of tyranny said...

No need. If wikipedia is to be believed, whilst our armed forces aren't greatly equipped, the Argies haven't improved much since the 1980's and have one of the lowest defence budgets in South America.

Now if they went on a five year build up, bought decent fighters, anti-submarine capacity and anti-shipping capability, together with potent anti-aircraft defences, they could take the Falklands and render them impregnable, but this is just talk to distract attention from some internal matter I fancy.

(Yes, I am aware Peter Carrington probably thought likewise in 1982!)