Monday, 20 February 2012

Made me laugh

I'm not sure why Simon Gibbs at Libertarian Home flagged up this rum bunch, or what it is bar that which can be guessed, a new political party bursting forth upon the scene - The Constitution Party (yeah, that name thing; it is available). So, to work, the first resolution:
1st policy - We need a WRITTEN constitution & bill of rights to protect us from political criminality & abuse of power as if rife in the uk political spectrum.
Provoked this genius response from brother Kevin J Fowler:
no what we need is to remove the human condition entirely, we are too selfish, greedy, too destructive... what we need is an A.I super computer to run everthing for us *watches terminator* .. ok scrap that


Simon Gibbs said...

Haha! New party launches are of general interest to us aren't they? Afterall, we appear to be down one party at the moment.

Trooper Thompson said...

Aye, but it's a bit like amateur manned flight - pretty hard getting off the ground.