Sunday, 19 February 2012

Why I'm not a tory; part 94

I read over at the Independent that a leak from the Department for Education has revealed that Michael Gove is planning to ban parents from taking their kids out of school during term time for a holiday.

This is described in the piece as being a discretionary matter until now, and we get comments from various educational gauleiters as to how terrible it is that a child may 'miss out' on any of the thin gruel of learning they are rationed out at the state-run schools.

As the Department has not yet confirmed whether the leak is correct, I suppose I'd better reserve judgement, but presuming it is accurate, I'd say it represents the same old shit we get from the tories in power, which bears a remarkably similar scent and texture to that supplied by the last bunch, their ideological opposites we are led to believe.

The dispute between labour and tory is merely over who is the most efficient in managing the gargantuan state they have erected together over society. So what we get is a choice between two nuanced 'visions of the annointed', imposed upon us and financed through high taxes and unfunded deficits.


James Higham said...

Probably better to be none of them.

Anonymous said...

When you consider what is off the table, never to be contemplated by any front bench, voting seems pointless. If I may:

1.State run healthcare, privatisation not considered.
2.State run education, privatisation not considered.
3.Permanent income tax, abolition never considered.
4.Endless foreign wars.
5.Serious restrictions on what we are now allowed to say.
6.EU membership, unaccountable law makers.
7.Fiat currency
8.Central banking
9.Enormous state bailouts to politically connected
10.Deficit financing and permanent indebtedness
11.Green nonsense leading to increased taxes and restricted freedom
12.No right to bear arms or defend oneself.
13.Endless lecturing and hectoring about healthy eating and living when they clearly don’t take the same lectures themselves

What really is there to vote about, thus i-Dave and the super pals having summits about racism in football, because what two foreign millionaires say to each other on a football pitch really matters and gay marriage.

Trooper Thompson said...

Very true SA. Still, we must try to establish a well-defended position for classical liberalism and the true alternative.